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chemlab_200The University of San Francisco offers a Master of Science degree in various sub-disciplines of chemistry. The program is designed for graduate students seeking a research-based degree with personalized direction and training from experienced faculty - all while studying in one of the world's most beautiful and dynamic cities.

Students admitted to the graduate program receive generous financial assistance from the Department of Chemistry. All admitted students receive a full-tuition scholarship for their graduate studies. Most graduate students receive a paid Teaching Assistantship. Some qualified graduate students receive Research Assistantships as well.

The chemistry research experience and training in USF's graduate program prepares our graduate students well for a future in any of the following areas:

  • Professional research positions in the academic, medical, pharmaceutical, biotech or biomedical fields, as well as other industries with chemical research and development
  • Further studies in a Ph.D. program or medical school
  • Teaching positions at the high school and community college level


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