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Jack Li

The Chemistry Department welcomes Professor Jack Li!

The Department of Chemistry welcomes our new professor starting in Fall 2013. Click here for his biography.

Dr. Meloni sends student to Switzerland to perform research.

Gabie head shot

Dr. Giovanni Meloni sent Gabrielle Laguisma, a student researcher in his lab, to perform research at the Paul Scherrer Institute (Swiss Light Source) near Zurich, Switzerland this summer.

Undergraduates Participate in the Research Program for Summer 2013.

Summer undergrad researchers 2013Thirteen undergraduate students worked worked on research projects over the summer in the Bolitho, Castro/Karney, Curtis, Margerum and Meloni labs.  (Researchers are pictured to the left.)

Current Research Opportunities Added in on Resource Page.

Click here to see the latest research opportunities.

Courtney receives Najafi  award.2013Student receives the Ron Najafi NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Innovations and Entrepreneurship Award for Undergraduate Research.

Senior Courtney Armani was presented the $1,000 award for summer research support by Dr. Najafi at the chemistry banquet in May 2013. (Courtney is pictured to the right with Dr. Najafi and Dr. Margerum.)

Congratulations to the 2013 Graduates and Award Recipients!

The department honored the 2013 graduates and award recipients at the annual chemistry banquet.  The award recipients were David Silpa, Simon Luo, Susanna Basappa, Samantha Feril, Michael Pastor, Joseph Czekner, Elizabeth Cochran, Jordan Nelson, Jonathan Liu, Justin Dancer, Keeshia Wang, and Courtney Armani.  Click here for additional details.

Congratulations to Professors Claire Castro, William Karney, Megan Bolitho and Giovanni Meloni on their recent grant money awards!

Castro & Karney Lab Summer 2012Drs. Castro and Karney landed another three-year National Science Foundation grant ($197,748) for their undergraduate based research projects that focus on dehydroannulenes, phenylenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The grant will provide training for undergraduate students in many aspects of computational organic chemistry and will benefit underrepresented groups in science.

Bolitho's Lab 2012Dr. Megan Bolitho has been awarded a two-year grant for $35,000 from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. The grant is centered around quorum sensing (QS), a means of communication utilized by bacterial cells to coordinate group behaviors.

Meloni's lab 2012Dr. Giovanni Meloni was awarded $50,000 for the Petroleum Research Fund grant from the American Chemical Society. His research focuses on the study of reaction pathways and mechanisms for the combustion of selected biofuels using a multiplex photoionization mass spectrometer coupled to the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley.

All three grants will offer financial support to several students over the next few years.

Dr. Spector's work cited in recent publication

Philip Ball cited Tami Spector’s work in the July 2012 edition of Chemistry World. The article may be found at