Minor in Chemical Physics

The Chemistry department has created a new minor in Chemical Physics, which would benefit those students who are particularly interested in calculus based chemistry courses, such as physics and mathematics majors. This minor provides a concentrated exposure to physical chemical principles. The Chemical Physics minor is not open to students concentrating in Biochemistry or Chemistry.

This program requires completion of twenty (20) units in Chemistry, as follows:

  • CHEM-111 General Chemistry I (3) + Chem 112 lab (1)
  • CHEM-113 General Chemistry II (3) + Chem 114 lab (1)
  • CHEM-340 Physical Chemistry I (4) lecture
  • CHEM-341 Physical Chemistry II (4) lecture
  • Any 4 unit chemistry course chosen from our curriculum, including an elective (4).

Required supporting courses (16 units):

  • MATH-109 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I (4) lecture
  • MATH-110 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II (4) lecture
  • PHYS-110 General Physics I (4) lecture + lab
  • PHYS-210 General Physics II (4) lecture + lab