We offer two undergraduate science degrees, Chemistry and Chemistry with a Concentration in Biochemistry, both of which can be certified by the American Chemical Society. The expertise of our ten full-time faculty includes chemical biology, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and computational chemistry, ensuring that our curriculum will keep our majors up-to-date in all areas of chemistry. Normally you must complete CHEM 111 and CHEM 113 before changing to a chemistry major or adding any chemistry minor. The department also offers minors in chemistry, biochemistry concentration and materials.

Click here to see the Chemistry Department Mission Statement, the BS Program Student Learning Goals and BS Chemistry Program Learning Outcomes (LO).

Important General Chemistry course information for Summer and Fall 2015:

All students who need a first year chemistry course (even if you are retaking the course) should study our tutorial site, then take the online USF Chemistry Diagnostic Test. The test result page tells you how prepared you are for General Chemistry I (CHEM 111/112 Lab) or it will direct you into Foundations of Chemistry (CHEM 001-Fall only). If you did not take High School Chemistry you should take Chem 001. Our goal is to help you have success in college chemistry. More information>>

 USF Chemistry Tutorials and Diagnostic Test: Click here for more information and to take the test.