CDS Curriculum

Major Core

All majors must complete a Core of 20 units: History (4), Theory (4), Research (4), Arts (4), and a Capstone Course (4).

101 History (4 units)

A Peoples' History of the U.S. focusing specifically on the history of social justice movements around race, gender, and sexualities. Women's movements, civil rights, LGBT rights, Chican@/Latin@ rights, workers movements, and so on.

200 Intersectional Theory (4 units)

A course in Intersectional Theories of gender, race, ethnicity, and class including introductions to Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, and Class analysis. Prerequisite: CDS 101

201 Research Methods (4 units)

A methods course that focuses on community engagement and specific problems of research in diverse communities. Special focus on Participatory Action Research models. Prerequisite: CDS 200.

300/301 Cultural Expressions of Diversity (4 units)

A core course in literary, artistic, and creative inquiry and production, focusing specifically on critical diversity in the arts and humanities. Course will be comparative and interdisciplinary. Prerequisite: CDS 101

400 Critical Diversity Studies Capstone (4 units)

A capstone course in which students choose a thesis or a community-based research and action project. Prerequisites CDS 100, 200, 201, 300/301.

Major Concentrations/Tracks

All majors complete 20 units of coursework in a concentration/track:

  • African American Studies
  • Asian Pacific American Studies
  • Latin@/ Chican@ and Indigenous Studies
  • Gender and Sexualities
  • Comparative Diversity Studies

(For the Comparative Diversity Studies concentration/track, a student must select one course from each of the four concentrations/tracks above and one additional course.) Minors

Students interested in critical diversity issues, but unable to major in it, have the option of attaining a minor in one of the five concentrations/tracks. For a minor in African American Studies, Asian Pacific American Studies, Chican@-Latin@ Studies, or Gender and Sexualities Studies, click on the appropriate program in the Quick Links column. For a minor in Comparative Diversity Studies, a student must complete 20 units, choosing one course from each of the four specialization tracks and an additional course.

Note: The specialized tracks in the CDS Major necessarily overlap with existing Diversity Studies Minors, but students cannot simultaneously acquire a Minor in the Track they choose for the Major. Students may take the CDS Major and an additional Diversity Minor not covered in depth in their Major -- e.g. a CDS Major specializing in African American Studies may also take the Gender and Sexualities Studies Minor as long as there are no more than two courses overlapping.