G Biotechnology  


The Professional Science Master's degree in Biotechnology is a two-year, four-semester interdisciplinary program awarded on the upon the completion of 36 semester units.

Program of Study

Graduate students complete 33 units in required graduate courses and a 3-unit elective course. The 33 units of core courses culminates in the required biotechnology-related internship. The elective course is chosen by the student. Core courses are a combination of Biology courses, Business courses and Computer Science courses. For a complete list of these courses, please see Course Descriptions.


A four unit required internship is completed during the final semester of the P.S.M. in Biotechnology program.  Professional experience is gained through positions in professional laboratories or academic research laboratories.  These Internships are obtained by the student and are directed and evaluated by a faculty member with supervision of an on-site professional.  A minimum of 320 hours for the semester must be completed by students at the approved biotechnology-related business and/or laboratory. Students must complete an analysis paper and oral summary presentation at the conclusion of the internship.

For more information on the curriculum and the breakdown of core and elective courses, please visit the program page.