Minor in Asian Studies

The Minor in Asian Studies provides interdisciplinary study of the cultures, development, and relations among the societies of the Asia Pacific region. The program is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences to all students in the University, enabling them to combine study of a major field with a focused study of Asian history, culture, and contemporary affairs.

Students who complete the Minor in Asian Studies, along with a major of their choice, will be well-positioned for graduate study, work abroad with private sector or non-governmental organizations, or employment with American firms doing business in the Asia Pacific region. In order to enhance the career value of the Minor, students are strongly encouraged to also pursue the study of one of the Asian languages offered by the College. The Minor can be completed in two years; however, it will not be awarded until the student has completed the Bachelor's degree program.

Undergraduates enrolled in the BA/BS-Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies (BA-MAPS) program may substitute the appropriate MAPS graduate seminar courses for Asia Pacific Studies Minor requirements with the permission of the Faculty Coordinator

Program Description


The Asian Studies Minor requires completion of five 4-unit courses (20 units).

1. Gateway Courses (required of all students pursuing the Minor - 8 units)

EITHER : HIST 130 East Asian Civilizations OR
  POLS 369 Asian Politics, Activism & Justice
EITHER : THRS 365 Religion and Globalization OR
  PHIL 220 Asian Philosophy

2. Electives

For the remaining twelve (12) units, students select three courses from the following three groups. Students must choose one course from each of the three groups.

Group I. East Asian History and Politics

HIST 130 East Asian Civilizations
HIST 380 Traditional China to 1839
HIST 381 Modern China: Revolution and Modernization
HIST 382 Traditional Japan to 1868
HIST 383 Modern Japan Since Perry
HIST 384 Rise of China Since Mao
HIST 386 History of U.S.-China Relations
HIST 387 History of U.S.-Japan Relations
ANST 342/INTD 342 China Today: Summer Immersion
ANST 345 Asians and Lawmaking
ECON 283 Economies of Asia
POLS 347 Government and Politics of China and East Asia
POLS 359 International Politics of the Asia Pacific Rim
POLS 369 Asian Politics, Activism & Justice
POLS 396 Public Administration Internship

Group II. South and Southeast Asia History and Politics

POLS 346 Government & Politics of South & Southeast Asia
POLS 358 International Relations of South & Southeast Asia
YPSP 301 Philippine History from Early times to 1900
YPSP 310 Philippine History from 1900 to present
YPSP 323 Filipino Politics and Justice
YPSP 324 Philippines Today: Study Abroad
YPSP 325 Filipino Culture and Society
YPSP 333 Boxing and Social Justice
POLS 396 Public Administration Internship
HIST 135 Indian Civilizations
MS 409 Global Media
Casa Bayanihan: Immersion in Manila

Group III. Humanities, Arts, and Cultures of Asia

ART 307 Asian Art
ANST 195 FYS: Exploring Asian Art in San Francisco
ANST 195 FYS: Filipina Lives and Voices
ANST 214 Asian Musical Culture
ANST 341 Balinese Culture & Dance
ANST 381 Himalayan Religions & Culture
CHIN 320 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 350 Traditional Chinese Culture
CHIN 355 Chinese Literature in Translation
ESS 100 Taekwondo
ESS 100 Tai Chi
ESS 100 Yoga
JAPN 310 Zen and the Art of Japanese Calligraphy
JAPN 350 Japanese Culture
JAPN 351 Contemporary Japanese Culture
JAPN 355 Japanese Literature in Translation
JAPN 410 Japanese Linguistics
PHIL 220 Asian Philosophy
THRS 366 Religion and Spirituality in Asia
THRS 368 Japanese Religions
THRS 371 Hinduism
THRS 373 Introduction to Islam
THRS 375 Buddhist Paths in Asia and North America
MS 318 Indian Cinema
SOC 327 Migration and Diversity in East Asia
YPSP 205 Barrio Fiesta: Introduction
YPSP 206 Barrio Fiesta: Performance
YPSP 222 Philippine Boxing and Culture
YPSP 250 Filipino Theology & Music
YPSP 260 Filipino American Philippine Culture
YPSP 333 Boxing and Social Justice
YPSP 355: Philippine Theology & Revolutions

Other courses at USF may qualify for credit towards the minor. Please consult with the Faculty Coordinator for approval before enrolling.

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