Minor Requirements

If your goal is to use your major in Design, Marketing, Computer Science, Communication Studies, History, English, Media Studies, Entrepreneurship (and others) to work in a communications business, an understanding of advertising will enhance your skills in your interest.

Five courses – 20 academic units - will provide you with a solid foundation in advertising built on your already increasing skills of critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking.

These courses support the “three pillars” on which advertising is built:

Foundations of advertising include principles, best practices, ethical issues and maximizing communication effectiveness.
Strategy and tactics of creating advertising messages.
Target analysis and placement of messages to reach specific audiences.

Advertising Minor Requirements
Total Minor units: 20 units

Required Courses (20 units)
ADVT 341 is the “foundation course” of the Advertising program. We advise you to take this one first and then the remaining four courses can be taken in whatever order you choose.

ADVT 341: Advertising Principles & Practices (4)
ADVT 340: Advertising Creative Strategy & Copy (4)
ADVT 342: Advertising Presentations (4)* 
ADVT 343: Advertising Planning & Placement (4)
ADVT 496: Advertising Internship (4)*
* these may be taken a second time as an Elective.