Major Requirements

This interdisciplinary USF major will prepare you to become an advertising professional through exposure to courses in Advertising and other related fields like Communications and Business - and in order to prepare you to be a more complete professional in the early 21st Century - you'll also study Computer Science and/or Design.

Professionals in advertising are always seeking the Big Idea, and here’s the Big Idea behind this major: in advertising broader is better, and a USF liberal arts education provides you with that breadth. Arts and Sciences core courses will make you a better writer and a more critical thinker, will prepare you to make better presentations, will make you a more confident public speaker and lead you to better understand our diverse and globalizing world (and your place in making it more humane and just), all critical to starting a successful advertising career today.

Advertising Major Requirements
Total Major Units = 40 units

Foundations: (16 units required)
ADVT 341: Advertising Principles & Practice (4)
And your choice of
COMS 202: Rhetoric and the Public Sphere (4) or RHET 216: Writing for Advertising (4)
Plus a combination of 8 units from either track:
ART 155: Visual Communication (4) and ART 205: Typography (4)
CS 107: Computing, Mobile Apps, and the Web (4); CS 151: Spreadsheet Computing (2); and CS 171: Web Design and Development (2)

Advanced Area Studies: (24 units required)
Once your foundations are complete, choose any six of:
CS 182: Animation with Flash (2) and CS 131: Creating Images - Photoshop I (2)
ADVT 340: Advertising Creative Strategy & Copy (4)
ADVT 342: Advertising Presentations (4)*
ADVT 343: Advertising Planning & Placement (4) 
ADVT 344: Advertising & Social Media (4)
ADVT 390: Special Topics in Advertising (4)
ADVT 496: Advertising Internship (4)*
COMS 322: Advertising & Public Relations Law and Ethics (4)
COMS 358: Persuasion and Social Influence (4)
BUS 302: Marketing Principles (4)
BUS 363: Consumer Behavior (4)
RHET 323: Rhetoric and Popular Culture 
* these courses may be repeated as an elective

Other classes may be available soon.