Advertising: An Interdisciplinary Major

The Advertising major at USF is an interdisciplinary program that will prepare you to become an advertising professional through exposure to courses in Advertising and other related fields like Communication Studies and Business. To prepare you to be a more complete professional in the early 21st century, you'll also study Computer Science and/or Design.

Professionals in advertising are always seeking the Big Idea, and here’s the Big Idea behind this major: in advertising, broader is better, and a USF liberal arts education provides you with that breadth. Arts and Sciences core courses will make you a better writer and a more critical thinker; our program will prepare you to make better presentations, will make you a more confident public speaker and will lead you to better understand our diverse and globalizing world (and your place in making it more humane and just), all critical to starting a successful advertising career today.

Advertising Minor

If your goal is to use your major in Design, Marketing, Computer Science, Communication Studies, History, English, Media Studies, Entrepreneurship (and others) to work in a communications or business environment, an understanding of advertising will enhance your skills in your major of interest.

Five courses – 20 academic units - will provide you with a solid foundation in advertising built on your already increasing skills of critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking.