4+3 Law Program

The 4+3 BA/BS-JD program is a joint offering of the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Management and Law, which provides USF undergraduate students with the necessary background for a successful law school program and admission into the USF School of Law for qualified students. Graduates of this joint degree program will have mastered an intellectually demanding curriculum that will prepare them for pursuit of the legal profession, whether as a practicing attorney, member of the judiciary or other public official. It is also excellent preparation for careers in government, business and education. Specifically, under this program undergraduate students majoring in the arts, sciences or business will gain automatic admission to USF's Law School by maintaining a minimum overall GPA of 3.2, earning at least a 56th percentile score on the LSAT (as of January 2014), and completing either the Legal Studies Minor or the Criminal Justice Minor.


JUNE 8th 2015 LSAT test Date

university of san francisco testing site


TESTING BUILDING: Third Floor of Lone Mountain [LM]


For accommodated test takers, SEE SITE SUPERVISOR [LM RM]




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