Creating and maintaining a just, free, and egalitarian society requires curiosity that crosses cultures and is informed by rigorous research.

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USF Sociology students and faculty work side-by-side to cultivate what C. Wright Mills called a “sociological imagination,” or the ability to connect personal biography to social forces. Through inquiry, analysis, and research—inside and out of the classroom—we build a better understanding of how social structures and inequalities are formed through race, class, gender, sexuality, age, and nationality. We aim to understand the impact of those structures on individuals, and to envision alternative futures at both the local and global level.

At USF, we practice a down-to-earth sociology. From criminal justice systems to popular culture, urban education to the global inequalities, our students are using the sociological frameworks they learn in the classroom to start a dialogue in their everyday lives. We motivate students to consider social theories and policies in terms of their implications for social justice and teach them to communicate their point of view through clear, polished writing and effective public speaking.

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Beyond the Classroom

  • Sociology Club – Sociologists Together Empower People (STEP), USF’s sociology club, provides opportunities to meet other sociology majors and minors and to acquire information about graduate schools, internships, and jobs.
  • Esther Madriz Diversity Scholars – The Esther Madriz Living-Learning Community, housed in Phelan Hall, explores issues of diversity, inequality, social justice, and social change.

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