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Eloquentia Perfecta - Excellence in Writing and Speaking

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Undergraduate Programs

Through a diversity of classes, service opportunities, and co-curricular activities, the Department of Rhetoric and Language trains students to pursue eloquentia perfecta — reason and eloquence in writing, speaking, and literacy — and engage critically with the texts that influence their values.

Together, the divisions of the department stress all aspects of communication, literacy, and rhetoric, concentrated in:

  • Composition: Designed to increase each undergraduate student's ability in writing, including not only how to write but also how to read analytically and think critically.
  • Public speaking: Introduces students to the fundamentals of oral communication and increases their ability to make effective presentations in classroom and public settings.
  • Academic English for Multilingual Students: Provides a variety of classes for multilingual students to assist them in refining their skills in written and oral English.

Programs and Projects

Debate Team

The team expands the role of ethical and engaged public debate and advocacy at USF and in the community. Members participate in public debates about contemporary social and political issues and competition at intercollegiate tournaments.

Speaker Showcase

Each semester, the Speaker Showcase brings the best speakers from over 500 USF students currently enrolled in Public Speaking and Written and Oral Communication courses in the Department of Rhetoric and Language. All speakers are nominated by their instructor or by class vote, and a faculty committee selected the best-of-the-best.

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Department of Rhetoric and Language

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