Major & Minor

We designed an interdisciplinary Philippine studies program that educates the minds and hearts of students to:

  • Understand the formation of Filipino history, culture, and society in the Philippines, the United States, the Asia-Pacific region, and globally.
  • Develop sensitivities for the values, behaviors, ethics, and perspectives of Filipinos.
  • Be able to identify and discuss social, political, economic, business, psychological, and environmental issues relevant to the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora.
  • Obtain basic, intermediate, and advanced Filipino/Tagalog language proficiencies.
  • Appreciate the literary, linguistic, philosophical, religious, and artistic contributions of Filipinos to the Asian-American, Asian, and other communities.
  • Work in multi-cultural, ethnically diverse, and interdisciplinary environments.
  • Apply knowledge for activism, advocacy, and social justice in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Philippines, the Asia Pacific region, and the rest of the world.


The USF Yuchengco Philippine Studies program allows students to pursue a BA in Asian Studies with a Philippine studies concentration.

Requirements & Courses


We offer a minor in Philippine Studies with a business, nursing, arts, science, social science degree.

Requirements & Courses

Philippine Studies courses are offered every semester and help students to fulfill many of the University’s core curriculum, major, minor, elective, and language requirements. Since many minor requirements overlap, a student could easily double-minor in Philippine studies and Asian-American studies, Ethnic studies, or Asian studies.