PASJ Major Concentration and Minor

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PASJ Major with Music Concentration

The Music Concentration of the PASJ major provides students with foundational studies in common practice theory and harmony, training in historiographic as well as ethnographic methods for studying music, and engagement with different styles/genres/applications of live performance. Music students at USF have access to a variety of performance opportunities that are open to all levels of music experience. Like our counterparts in the theater and dance programs, USF's music program is structured as a holistic course of study that places equal value upon the artistic development and the cultural consciousness of our students. There is no audition required to become a PASJ major.

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Music Minor

The Music Minor is open to all students. No previous experience in music required, and our minor is compatible with any major course of study.

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Performance Opportunities

Any performance ensemble can be taken for credit or without registering at all. Anyone enrolled in an ensemble for credit can is also eligible to take private lessons in voice or instrument.

  • USF Classical Choral Ensembles - Performs traditional art music (classical music) from all periods, including major works and shorter choral gems. In addition to the full University Choir and its repertoire, smaller groups perform advanced vocal music.
  • Dance Generators are a group of USF students and Senior Bay Area Adults, aged 17-72, who strive to create thought-provoking works of dance/theater. Through our casting, our content, and our movement choices, we aim to stretch audiences’ definitions of dance. We perform in Dance Festivals, Schools and Senior Centers throughout the Bay Area. This group is by audition, but open to all students regardless of your level of dance experience.
  • ASUSF Voices Choirs - A collaboration between the Associated Students of USF and the Performing Arts Department, Voices contains a variety of choral ensembles that specialize in popular and jazz vocal styles.
  • USF Gospel Choir ("The Spiritual Notes") - Performs African American Gospel Music and Spirituals, focusing on contemporary repertoire.
  • St. Ignatius Liturgical Music Ensembles - Provides the vocal and instrumental music ministry for various masses every week at St. Ignatius Church. These ensembles perform both traditional and contemporary Catholic repertoire, and students may participate in one or more of the masses.
  • Conjunto Folklórico-USF Latin American Music Ensemble (ULAM) - Performs famous songs in various folk and popular traditions found throughout Latin America, including samba, calypso, huayño, and son cubano. This group is open to all students regardless of musical experience.
  • USF Jazz Band - Students study the language and repertoire of jazz and perform in small ensembles.
  • USF Dons Marching Band - A joint project with USF Athletics Department, the Dons band is an instrumental marching band that accompanies USF sporting events and rallies.
  • Chamber Music - Performs traditional Western art music (classical music) from all periods, in a variety of genres (duos, trios, quartets, quintets, art song) students are teamed up with other students of similar skills and ability and learn to play with others without an external conductor.
  • Electric Sound Collective - Performs improvisatory electronic music. Students learn how to digitally create and manipulate sounds, as well as how to change those sounds in the context of live performance in a variety of locations.
  • USF Rock Band - Performs famous songs in various styles of Rock and students are teamed up with other students of similar skills and ability and learn to play with others without an external conductor.