The Performing Arts & Social Justice major with Dance concentration and minor.

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Located in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the country and home to the largest dance community outside of New York City, the USF Dance program offers a rigorous course of study within the nation’s only Performing Arts and Social Justice (PASJ) major with a concentration or minor in dance. Supported by the University’s thriving liberal arts environment, our innovative program promotes technical and academic rigor, individual artistry, community engagement, and social action.


Do I have to audition for the Dance major concentration or minor?

No, you do not need to audition to be a PASJ Major with a concentration in Dance or a Dance Minor. You apply as a regular undergraduate at USF and declare your major or minor. Placement in correct technique level occurs the first week of classes.

What style of dance will be the focus if I'm in the Dance major concentration or minor?

Our dance program is based in modern/contemporary technique. We also offer classes in many additional styles and forms to accompany this foundation, including ballet, contact improvisation, jazz/theater, traditional Balinese dance, and West African.

Can I be a Dance minor if I'm a Business, Nursing, Education, or Biology major?

Absolutely. We have had dance minors and double majors pursuing a wide variety of degree programs at USF. We work closely with students to devise a course of study that will work with any degree track.

What opportunities exist for students interested in interacting with the San Francisco dance community?

Every fall the USF Dance program invites a few highly regarded dance artists from the Bay Area dance scene to perform or choreograph works for the USF Dance Ensemble dancers. We host monthly forums for our PASJ Majors/Minors that introduce students to a broad range of performance artists working to integrate content and/or practices that address issues of social justice. We also offer several courses and independent study opportunities that connect interested students directly with artists, organizations, and community groups currently active in the areas of Bay Area art and activism. In many cases, these introductions have led to lasting and meaningful relationships that have yielded job and internship opportunities before and after graduation.

What kinds of jobs does a BA in PASJ Dance concentration prepare me for after I graduate?

Our graduates have used their Performing Arts and Social Justice/Dance Concentration degree in various ways. A number of them are choreographers, dance performers, or artistic directors of dance companies. Some opened private dance studios and some teach dance in community settings including public schools and senior centers. PASJ/Dance Concentration graduates are employed in the field of arts management as arts administrators, and others have gone on to become Pilates instructors, yoga teachers, and bodyworkers. Many have continued their education by attending graduate school in dance or dance related fields (e.g. sports medicine, physical therapy). Others have used their degree as a springboard to launch into non-dance careers (e.g. architecture, medicine). Visit our Facebook page to find out what our recent graduates are up to.

Can I take dance classes even if I am not a PASJ major or a Dance minor?

Yes, classes are open to all USF undergraduate students. The Dance program offers a variety of classes that will fit any interest. Some of our classes include modern, ballet, hip hop, jazz/theater dance, Flamenco, ballroom, and West African. The classes can be taken from 1-2 or 1-3 units depending on the class, and will appear on your academic transcript. The Dance program also offers 4-unit courses such as Dance in San Francisco, Dance and Social History, Popular Dance Culture and Subcultures, Composition I, Composition II, and Dance in the Community.

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