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The interdisciplinary field of neuroscience is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing areas within the sciences. The 21st century brain science boom has revealed exciting advances in understanding the complex ways we think, remember, and interact.

Our interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience helps students make sense of the relationship between brain and behavior. It draws heavily from traditional, natural, and social science — including biology, kinesiology, physics, and psychology — as well as many diverse topics that typically are discussed in philosophy, economics, art, politics, music, anthropology, and computer science.

I love how studying neuroscience can carry over into so many different topics — psychology, biology, and even art or philosophy. There was always some way that the topics in class related to life. Understanding why certain studying techniques are better than others not only helped me understand the way learning and memory work, but also helped me study for other classes."

Anna Vidovszky '17