Comparative Literature and Culture

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Studying comparative literature, you’ll examine the distinct traditions and trends of the written word around the globe. It’s a way to see the world through the eyes of other diverse cultures and a means to develop a deeper understanding of your own.

With an emphasis on diversity, you’ll learn to think, read and analyze the world in more than one language.

Choose Your Own Path

Our interdisciplinary curriculum allows you to design a unique path within the program. Half of the required credits are upper level elective courses that can be approved from many other departments and interdisciplinary programs, including English, history, or any of the language programs.

Study Abroad

You are free to go wherever you want. The nature of our program — studying and comparing art, language, and cultures from across the world — opens up the freedom to easily become immersed in and adapt to any of the abroad programs. We strongly encourage all of our students to reap the benefits of an abroad experience.