Comparative Literature and Culture

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Studying comparative literature examines the distinct traditions and trends of the written word around the globe. It’s a way to see the world through the eyes of other diverse cultures and a means to develop a deeper understanding of your own.

With an emphasis on diversity, the Comparative Literature and Culture program at the University of San Francisco trains students to think, read and analyze the world in more than one language. Graduates leave campus with the ability to:

  • Take on a variety of international careers that require research, translation and intercultural relations skills, such as education, journalism, media, communications and publishing.
  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of the literary, historical, social and cultural issues that influence literary works.
  • Respond to literary texts with a worldview that reflects the knowledge, values, and compassion of successful professionals.
  • Identify, interpret and evaluate the ideas of an integrated body of literary texts in a socially responsible learning community that strives for a more humane and just world.
  • Recognize factors that construct diversity in human societies, including gender, race, class and ethnicity.

Our Programs

The program in Comparative Literature and Culture offers a major and a minor. Students enrolled in the major can choose either a literature, culture, or language emphasis.

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Study Abroad

Majors and Minors in Comparative Literature and Culture are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a semester or during they Junior year. There are many University Sponsored Study Abroad programs to choose from.

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