Lindsay Gifford

Program Director
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Professor Gifford specializes in cultural anthropology of the Middle East, particularly Syria, the greater Levant, and Iraq. She has conducted fieldwork in Syria and Jordan and travelled extensively throughout Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Turkey.


PhD, Anthropology, Boston University | BA, Anthropology, CSU Northridge | graduate of Middlebury College’s Arabic Language School | graduate of Damascus University’s Arabic language program in Syria


Cultural Anthropology of the Middle East


Intro to Anthropology, The Anthropology of Food: Culture, Class, Power and Change, Special Topics in Anthropology, Research Methods, Culture, Identity & Social Chg, Research & Project Design, Refugees & Forced Migration, Special Topics

Aaron Hahn Tapper

(415) 422-2378

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper, the Mae and Benjamin Swig Professor in Jewish Studies and the founding Director of the Swig Program in Jewish Studies and...


PhD, Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara | MTS, Harvard Divinity School | BA, Johns Hopkins University


Soc. Justice, Activism & Jews, Forgvng Unforgvble? Apologies, FYS: First-Year Seminar, TYS: Transfer Year Seminars, Jews, Judaisms, and Jewish Identities, Ethics, Directed Reading

Aysha Hidayatullah

Associate Professor
(415) 422-5176

Aysha Hidayatullah is Associate Professor of Islamic studies and teaches undergraduate courses on Islam, gender, race, and ethics. She received her...


PhD, Religious Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara | MA, Religious Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara


GTWY: Decolonizing Humanities, St Ignatius Institute Symposium, FYS: First-Year Seminar, Migrant & Diaspora Relig, Introduction to Islam, Ethics

Sadia Saeed

Assistant Professor
(415) 422-4673

Before joining the Department of Sociology at the University of San Francisco, Sadia Saeed held postdoctoral fellowships at the Maurer School of Law...


PhD, Sociology, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor | MA, University of Notre Dame, Indiana | BSc (Honors), Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan


Directed Study, FYS: First-Year Seminar, Introduction to Globalization, Global Inequalities and Social Justice, Sociological Theory, Current Issues in Sociology

Taymiya Zaman

Associate Professor
(415) 422-4377

Taymiya R. Zaman received her BA, Philosophy, Smith College and her PhD in History (2007) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She joined the...


PhD, History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | BA, Philosophy, Smith College


Indian Civilizations, Historical Methods, Sex&TransgressionIslWrld, Living Muslim History, Islamic Empires, Directed Study

Stephen Zunes

(415) 422-6981

Stephen Zunes has been at USF since 1995, teaching courses on the politics of Middle East and other regions, nonviolence, conflict resolution, U.S....


PhD, Cornell University | MA, Temple University | BA, Oberlin College


Special Topics, Politics of Social Movements, Nonviolence in Theory and Practice, Global Economic Justice, Government and Politics of the Middle East, Global Conflict Resolution

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