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As the world continues to get smaller, the value of being bilingual grows. Language nurtures personal relationships, unlocks professional opportunities and invites new experiences around the world.

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC) emphasizes the use of language as a critical tool to help broaden students' awareness of the similarities and differences between cultures while sharpening their appreciation for the nuances of their own native language. Please contact our department for questions.

Foreign Language Requirement

Language nurtures relationships, unlocks opportunities, and invites new experiences around the world. That’s why we require our undergraduate students to study one of 14 languages offered by the university.

Student Support

Our Language and Culture Center and tutoring programs offer students the extra academic support they need outside of the classroom.

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French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese and Comparative Literature and Culture Program

American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, Japanese and Filipino