Urban Studies Concentration

The Urban Studies concentration explores the city as an idea, process, and living organism — with San Francisco as its guide. The interdisciplinary curriculum examines how a city’s planning, politics, economy, social classes, and diverse populations impact the successes and failures of modern urban environments.

You'll take courses centered around urban sociology and political economy, urban histories, theories and methods, urban planning and the built environment, or urban culture and representation, and complete a capstone seminar and internship.

Exploring the Humanities

Immerse yourself in the imaginative narratives of cinema, written works, and more. By taking complementary courses in literature, history, photography, sociology, economics, politics, and environmental studies — you'll develop a multifaceted understanding of cities and your role within them.

Sammy Hopp '18, Urban StudiesI’ve taken classes in architecture, communication, history, photography, yet they’ve all incorporated some aspect of urban study. For example, the photography class I took — it allowed me and everyone in that class to appreciate both the functions of the camera itself and how such a platform can be used to portray the urban landscape in unique and special ways, sometimes capturing aspects of the city that would otherwise go unseen or forgotten. It’s been, by far, one of the best courses I’ve taken at USF."