Innovation Hive

Engineering at USF isn't just an academic program. We have a brand new space in which to imagine and build real-world solutions. The Innovation Hive is the physical and conceptual center of engineering at USF, featuring multiple spaces that are accessible to the entire USF community.

These spaces include:

  • An ideation space for brainstorming that features work tables, Legos, whiteboards, big paper, and small hand tools to encourage you to dream up multiple and varied solutions to any problem
  • A light fabrication and maker space for prototyping and light work with 3D printers, sewing machines, light wood, textiles and composite work, and small power tools to allow you to quickly create and iterate on solutions 
  • A heavy fabrication and trial space for woodworking, milling, and testing new ideas, featuring larger power tools like table saws, drill presses, and more

Each of these areas are designed to function as a learning center as well as a work space, and to accommodate computer work as much as physical creation. Most importantly, the entire Innovation Hive promotes cross-campus participation, by welcoming and training any student, faculty, or staff member who wishes to use the equipment or collaborate on a project, and by hosting many interdisciplinary activities.

Rendering of reimagined Harney Science Center

The Cura Personalis of Design

The Innovation Hive is featured in USF Magazine as one of several new spaces that will engage your mind, body, and spirit.

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