Our Alumni

Our graduates work in a wide variety of industries including, public relations, human resources, advertising, social media/communications, event planning, education/teaching, nonprofits, and technology. We have also had students start their own businesses and others go on to graduate school in Communication, Law, Public Health, Strategic Communications, and Education.

 How did studying communication studies at USF prepare you for your job?

Ajouni Singh '13Because of USF, I can work with different types of people and practice understanding and patience in difficult situations. It’s my job to be an approachable, central source for every project or program I work on, and I feel well equipped to do so. It's also imperative that I have clean and strong written and oral communication skills. I am often complimented on my presentation style and my ability to speak in front of large audiences — I gained strength in this through my communication studies classes and mandatory public speaking requirements. I would not be a successful project manager without understanding the holistic universe of communications that I gained from USF."

—Ajouni Singh ’13, Project Manager, The Creative Shop at Facebook

Their Stories

In my major, I learned not only how to better communicate and express my ideas but also how to best understand others. This is crucial in my role now."

Addysen Clark ‘11, Director of Merchandising, Hermès