Many of our students pursue internships around the Bay Area and even across the country to practice the skills they learn in the classroom. Students have interned for a wide range of companies and organizations, including public relations firms, television studios, radio stations, magazines, research hospitals, and more.

Ingrid Van Diest '16I learned more than I ever thought I would during my internship with Marie Claire Magazine. I learned everything about magazine production, how editors make executive decisions, how the fashion industry works, and how to get where I want to be — editor-in-chief. It was a great hands-on experience and wonderful networking opportunity. Thanks to this internship, I landed a freelance stylist and editor job with, a London-based fashion company, and it’s really been a dream come true."

Ingrid Van Diest '16

I decided to intern for the public relations firm Charles Zukow Associates because it seemed like a place with excellent connections in the city and an impressive client history. Working with everyone from the Mark Hopkins Hotel to the Union Square Ice Rink, I could tell it would be a place where I would grow. I learned how to be self-sufficient and solve my own problems, how to speak to the media, how to put together press packages, and how one connection in the industry can lead to a hundred more."

Landon Boren ’13