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Symposium: Reconciliation and Peace

Submissions Due: July 15, 2021


Under the guest editorship of Laura E. Reimer, Research Associate at the Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace and Justice, and Adjunct Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies and Human Rights at the University of Manitoba, Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 33(4) invites essays for a special issue on: Reconciliation and Peace.

We welcome submissions for a special issue that explores the many forms and realities of reconciliation as peacebuilding and conflict transformation within and among nations, countries, communities, peoples, and organizations. Both historical and contemporary conceptualizations of reconciliation are welcome as are theoretical and topical ruminations on what and how reconciliation can be considered in relation to alternative models of addressing disputes. This issue is an effort to present the depth of hope PACS scholars offer through the full spectrum of reconciliation literature, ideas, frameworks, experiences, and applied theory. While we imagine the bulk of submissions will come from academics in peacebuilding, politics and international studies we also encourage activist, business and community level explorations or reconciliation.

General themes that contributors can address in their essays include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Meanings of reconciliation
  • Trauma and reconciliation
  • Ethnic reconciliation
  • Post-war reconciliation
  • Indigenous reconciliation
  • Models of reconciliation
  • Protracted reconciliation
  • Theoretical reconciliation
  • Policy and reconciliation
  • Human rights and reconciliation
  • A shared future and reconciliation
  • Leadership and reconciliation
  • Social movements and reconciliation
  • Race and reconciliation
  • Democracy and reconciliation
  • The law and reconciliation
  • Critical theory and reconciliation
  • War and reconciliation
  • COVID19 and reconciliation

Submissions with quality writing are sought, free of jargon, with simple titles, without embedded footnotes and endnotes. Please refer to the submission guidelines. Deadline for submissions will be July 15, 2021, with publication expected within six months of that date.

Content Questions
Expression of Interest and questions to the guest editor are welcome, and may increase the chance of publication. Please direct content-based questions or concerns to the guest editor: Laura Reimer:

Essays should be sent to Peace Review no later than 5 p.m. PST July 15, 2020.

Send Essays to: to the attention of Katerina Standish.
Subject Line: Reconciliation and Peace

Call for Profiles

Soliciting authors for the “Peace Profile”

Deadline: open

We are currently soliciting authors for the “Peace Profile” section of the journal, which describes the peace or human rights work of an individual or group. This journal’s Peace Profiles have a limit of 3500 words.

Robert Elias, Editor in Chief
Shawn Doubiago, Managing Editor
Subject Line: Peace Profile

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