Tracy Benning

Associate Professor
(415) 422-5445

Professor Benning received her PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology. Her research interests include landscape ecology, urban ecology and resource conservation and management. Her most recent research focuses on remote sensing and GIS technologies in the study of tropical rainforest dynamics in Hawaii and riparian corridors in southern African savannas.


PhD, University of Colorado

Dan Hammer

Visiting Scholar, Chief Data Scientist at The Earth Genome

Dan Hammer is the Chief Data Scientist at The Earth Genome and a Fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. He was a 2014 Presidential Innovation Fellow, working with the NASA CTO and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to help build api.nasa.gov, an API inventory for the agency. Previously, Dan was the Chief Data Scientist at the World Resources Institute, where he directed the Data Lab at WRI and worked on the tech behind Global Forest Watch, which won the 2014 UN...


PhD Candidate, Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley, MPS ( finalizing ), Geospatial Information Science, University of Maryland ( GPA: 4.0/4.0 ), BA Mathematics and Economics, Swarthmore College, 2007, High Honors

David Saah

Professor & Director of Geospatial Analysis Lab
(415) 422-4316

Dr. Saah has been broadly trained as an environmental scientist with expertise in a number of areas including: landscape ecology, ecosystem ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, ecosystem modeling, natural hazard modeling, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial analysis. He has used these skills to conduct research primarily at the landscape level in a variety of systems. Dr. Saah has participated in research projects throughout the United States and Internationally....


Ecosystem ecology, Landscape ecology, Hydrology, Geomorphology, Ecosystem modeling, Natural hazard modeling, Remote sensing, Geographic information systems (GIS) , Geospatial analysis