Group of students and professor in the garden
Environmental Studies, BA

Our Alumni

Graduates of our program go on to pursue a wide variety of interests, becoming environmentalists, ecologists, historians, publicists, filmmakers, engineers, entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Feeding the World

At the Sheldon Jackson Hatchery at the Sitka Sound Science Center in Sitka, Alaska, Cook and his colleagues raise pink, chum, and coho salmon. If not for hatcheries like his, the wild salmon population would be depleted beyond recovery.

Paul Cook holding a large fish

Saving the Environment with PR

The data behind climate change is obviously important, but without delivering the message to the public in a way that resonates with them, the data is irrelevant.
Amelia Remeta

The Business Case for Sustainability

"Making the business case for sustainability is a key part of pushing through sustainability initiatives."
Sarah Lund

Leaving an Environmental Legacy

"I want to leave a legacy, however small, of making my little corner of the world better than when I arrived in it."

Amanda poses near a brick wall.