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English, BA

Our Alumni

When you leave USF with an English degree, you’ll possess a core skill set that makes you highly desirable to recruiters across multiple job markets and graduate programs.

How so? Being able to read and digest a large volume of text, concisely summarize its content, and deliver an informed and thoughtful opinion about the work is a competency prized in areas that range from law to marketing to academia. Indeed, graduates of USF’s English Department currently hold jobs as editors, novelists, general counsels, marketing directors, professors, and UX designers... just to name a few of the career paths that are available to you upon graduation.

I found my first writing community within the English Department at USF. At USF, I was able to work with and receive mentorship from some of the best writers—and writing teachers—in the country. Their guidance helped me prepare for and navigate my post-USF life of graduate school, teaching, and publishing. And now, a decade after graduating, my first book is coming out, and it has their teaching—and, in the form of the blurb on the back cover, their actual words—written all over it."



My whole life, I've loved writing and literature. I chose to attend The University of San Francisco because I wanted to experience living in a beautiful literary city. I loved the history of North Beach, the many independent bookstores around the city, weekend road trips and the fog, which creates an excellent writing atmosphere. One of my favorite moments at USF occurred in a creative writing course taught by Professor Susan Steinberg. We were instructed to explore the city and write down what we encountered in vivid sensory detail. I still have that story, which was the catalyst for my graduate school thesis. While at USF, I learned to embrace my cultural and intellectual curiosity, embark upon meaningful work and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset that continues to inform my ambitions."

Kate Manderfield - English


Permanent Jet Lag, my first novel, was published in May 2017. While at USF, I always loved and appreciated the enthusiasm and heart of independent publishing that’s so unique to San Francisco, and the amazing local authors I studied and engaged with in the 'Writers on Writing' course. I will be moving to Hawaii to attend The University of Hawaii for my master’s in creative writing, and to begin work in their teaching program. It is because of the wonderful instruction I had at USF that I was able to obtain this position, and I am so incredibly grateful."


Alex Casey - English BA


a partial list:

  • AirBnB, Community Organizer
  • Amazon Publishing/Thomas & Mercer, Acquisitions Editor
  • Apple, Quality Analyst
  • Blasting News, Journalist
  •, Editor, Writer, and UX Designer
  • Campaign US, Platforms Reporter
  • Essex Property Trust, Marketing Coordinator
  • Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, Outreach Manager
  • Gap, Copywriter
  • Gateway Charter School, English Teacher
  • Humanities Montana, Program Officer
  • IMG, Literary Agent
  • Mount Madonna School, Teacher
  • Rain Taxi Review of Books, Book Critic
  • Riverdale Country School, Videographer
  • San Jose State University, Faculty member
  • Seattle Humane, Content Creator
  • Shippensburg University, Professor
  • SpaceWorks, Communications Manager
  • T Brand Services/The New York Times, Director of Content Strategy
  • Trinity Ventures, Director of Marketing
  • Teach for America, Teacher
  • The Wish, Content Manager
  • Twitter, Creative Strategy Coordinator
  • UPBrand Collaborative, Writer
  • Updater, Digital Content Manager
  • YouTube, Associate Partner Account Manager

Graduate Schools

a partial list:

  • Boalt (UC-Berkeley) Law School, JD
  • Brown University, PhD English
  • Cal Arts MFA Critical Studies/Creative Writing
  • Columbia University, MFA
  • Iowa Writers Workshop, MFA
  • Lancaster University, MA Creative Writing
  • New York University, MFA
  • New York University, MA Journalism
  • San Jose State University, MA Library and Information Science
  • Santa Clara University, MA International Education
  • Sorbonne, MA Comparative Literature
  • Stanford, MA East Asian Studies
  • University of British Columbia, PhD English
  • University of California-Santa Barbara, PhD Comparative Literature
  • University College London, MA Comparative Literature
  • University of Chicago, MA Humanities
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MFA
  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas, MFA
  • University of San Francisco, MFA
  • University of San Francisco School of Education, MEd
  • University of Southern California, PhD English
  • Washington University, St. Louis, MFA Creative Writing
  • Westminster College, MA Teaching

I was honored to be named a CantoMundo Fellow, a fellowship for Latino/a poets held at the University of Texas, at Austin. I couldn’t have accomplished any of that without the constant support and devotion of the faculty. I think a lot of people find their calling but don’t pursue it. They’re afraid to become themselves. I was. Professors at USF ensured I listened to my calling."