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Foundations in Data Science Certificate

Our Foundations in Data Science certificate provides you with the opportunity to learn about data acquisition, management, and visualization, as well as statistical modeling and machine learning. Students who successfully complete this certificate are comfortable with applying scientific techniques to data-driven problems, especially in the student’s primary discipline.

Certificate learners join the University of San Francisco’s vibrant community of data scientists and are taught by the same professors who provide instruction in the top-ranked Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) program. Unlike the coursework in the MSDS program, the Foundations in Data Science certificate program’s courses are designed for graduate students in disciplines other than data science.


You will enroll in four two-unit courses specifically designed for this certificate program. Generally, students complete the certificate over the course of a single academic year, taking two 2-unit courses in the fall semester and another two 2-unit courses in the subsequent spring semester.

Unlike some graduate programs at the University of San Francisco, courses in this certificate program are generally seven weeks in length. Classes usually last for three hours and are held in the late afternoons or evenings on the Hilltop Campus.

This certificate’s courses are part of the program requirements for certain graduate programs such as the Master of Science in Applied Economics. They can be recognized as electives in other graduate programs with permission of the programs’ directors.

Applying to the Program

Students admitted to any graduate program are eligible to enroll in the Foundations in Data Science certificate program. Before enrolling in the Foundations in Data Science certificate program, graduate students should consult with their academic advisers. Graduate students are also welcome to take courses in this certificate program on a one-off basis; however, each course in this certificate program features concepts, techniques, and applications that are used in subsequent courses. We advise students to consult with the Administrative or Academic Director of the MSDS program before taking a course on a one-off basis.

Graduate students only receive recognition for earning the Foundations in Data Science certificate by completing all four required courses and earning an overall 3.0 GPA or higher in these courses. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a formal certificate similar in look and feel to a traditional diploma and may elect to purchase a secure and verifiable digital copy of their certificate.

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