Anwar McQueen, Master's in Sport Management '04

The Intersection of Sports and Tech

Working in the tech sphere isn’t something Anwar McQueen MA ’04 ever imagined he’d do. Like a lot of people interested in a career in sports, he dreamed of coaching — specifically, college ball for the NCAA Division 1. While coaching jobs are hard to come by, the industry offers a world of opportunities few consider, including jobs in sports technology. Anwar is appreciative to the Sport Management program for opening his eyes to this kind of work and giving him the skills to go after it.

“The program made me aware of opportunities in the sports industry outside of coaching,” he said. “I gained valuable insight into the business side of the industry by taking courses like Loading..., Loading..., and Loading... .”

As Anwar can attest, a lot of people don’t know about these career paths, especially black male youth from disadvantaged communities. That’s something he wants to change. So on top of being Vice President of Business Development for the software company Hudl, Anwar is busy mentoring young students.

“I am very passionate about this work and it led me to start a nonprofit called TEAM (Technology Exposure with Access to Mentoring),” he said. “Our mission is to provide an avenue for young people to learn about career opportunities awaiting them at the intersection of sports and technology.”

Echoing USF’s social justice mission, TEAM partners with Oakland’s Hidden Genius Project to tackle the high unemployment of black male youth by offering coding and software training to kids who love sports, but might be uncomfortable with tech.

“It’s introducing tech through the lens of sports, getting the kids motivated to learn tech based on a game that they play. That way you can have a more focused, applicable conversation about tech,” Anwar said.

He familiarizes the students with his company’s video analysis software Sportscode, engaging them by explaining how it can help their favorite athletes play better — if an NBA star missed a lot of shots during a game, Sportscode allows him to look at every single shot he took and figure out what he did wrong. The software has been used by some of the world’s top sports organizations, including the Chicago Blackhawks and FC Bayern Munich. Most NBA, WNBA, and NCAA Division 1 teams use it, including USF’s men’s and women’s basketball teams.

To date, more than 600 students have gone through TEAM’s Sportscode training. Many even had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas this summer for Sportscode certification and to meet NBA video coordinators who use the software.

For his work teaching high school students career-building skills, Anwar was recently honored with the Jefferson Award for Public Service. He looks forward to continuing to live USF’s legacy by training many more young men in the future, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship they need to become successful entrepreneurs and technologists.

“I strongly believe in the transformational power of technology,” he said. “With thoughtful collaboration across different sectors, we can provide meaningful learning experiences for students.”