Program Details

How can I find out more about the program?

Prospective students can obtain more information by attending an info meeting, open house, or graduate fair. Individual visits can be scheduled by contacting the MFA in Writing office.

When does the program begin?

All new students begin the program with a required weekend orientation in mid-August before the start of the fall semester.

Financial Aid and Tuition

What are the tuition costs and how long does it take to complete the program?

The curriculum is composed of 33 required units, which includes four workshops, five seminars, and two semesters of thesis work. It takes slightly over two and a half years to complete the program. Please visit the the Office of Graduate Admission for the College of Arts and Sciences Financial Aid and Tuition page. The cost per unit is frozen for MFA students for the 29 months that it takes to complete the program.

How do I apply for financial aid?

If you're interested in financial aid for:

  • first year - fall 2019, spring 2020, and summer 2020, file the FAFSA 2019/2020 application as soon as possible
  • second year - fall 2020 and spring 2021, you will need to submit a separate FAFSA 2020/2021 application
  • final semester - fall 2021, you will need to submit a FASFA 2021/2022 application

Are fellowships available?

Yes. For more information, visit our  Financing Your Education page.

Are teaching assistantships available?

We offer TAships in conjunction with undergraduate English courses. Although the number varies each semester, usually 8–12 positions are available.

Do students work while attending the program?

Many of our students work full-time, and some lighten their professional workload in anticipation of school/writing.

How to Apply

How do I apply and what are the required application items?

Please visit our How to Apply page.

Can I reapply?

Former applicants are eligible to reapply. You will need to submit a new online application form, statement of purpose, writing sample, and resume. The Office of Graduate Admissions will have your transcripts and letters of recommendation from the previous year.

Is there campus housing available?

Please visit the USF Housing page.