Industry Partners

One of the most powerful aspects of the USF Sport Management program are our industry partners. Understanding that experiential learning is critical to each students personal and professional development, Sport Management students complete hundreds of volunteer, internship and work hours at sport organizations. Collaboration between USF and sport organizations in both Northern and Southern California, has ensured that each student is able to gain hands-on experience working in various sectors of the sport industry.  On average, each student completes over 1,100 hours of internship work at three to four internship sites during their time at USF.

Why hire a USF Sport Management student?

  • Students are in classes just one evening per week, giving them flexibility to work, intern or volunteer.
  • Students integrate academic theory into practice, adding value to organizations they work and intern with.
  • Students can complete paid or unpaid internship or volunteer experiences.
  • Internship/work hours have been completed at a variety of sport related organizations, including but not limited to professional, non-profit, collegiate, marketing, and agency sectors.
  • Sport opportunities may be as informal as a single-day event volunteer, or formal, contracted positions.

Our Partnership in Action

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