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Master in Sport Management Specific Financial Aid

Katharine Feeney Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Katharine Feeney’s professional life was spent in baseball. She grew up in ballparks across the country and worked her way up to become a top female executive in Major League Baseball (MLB). When she passed away unexpectedly in 2017, her family wanted to honor her 40-year career by establishing the Katharine Feeney Memorial Scholarship Fund to benefit female students in USF's Master's in Sport Management program. Learn more about her life and work.

Scholarship includes: tuition scholarship of $10,000, and an internship

Eligibility: applicants must identify as female, be admitted into USF's Master's in Sport Management program for summer start, and demonstrate a financial need to attain an advanced degree

Pat Gallagher Fellowship

Each year the San Francisco Giants, in partnership with the University of San Francisco Master’s in Sport Management program, award a year-long sport management internship named in honor of long-time Giants marketing and business executive Pat Gallagher. The program will recognize one graduate student for academic and professional excellence.

The goal of the internship is to provide the Gallagher Fellow with a comprehensive understanding of the business operations of the Giants Front Office and to provide them with hands-on experience in the field of professional sports management. The position will rotate through multiple business departments (4) of the Giants, which may include marketing, business development, communications, community relations and Giants Enterprises. The Fellow will also have the opportunity to job-shadow key Giants executives to learn about their areas of expertise as well as about opportunities in the sports management field.

Merit-Based Scholarships

We award a limited number of merit-based scholarships to incoming students. These scholarships are a one-time award and are used to cover tuition costs in a student's first or second semester of our program. These scholarships do not require a separate application; all applicants are considered during the admission decision process.


Several departments on campus, including the Koret Health and Recreation Center and the USF Athletic Department, offer a limited number of graduate assistantships. When assistantships become available, job postings are sent to the sport management office, who will then share the posting with all students currently enrolled in the program. The Office of Student Employment maintains a listing of currently offered on-campus jobs, which typically require an in-person interview after enrolling at the university.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


The following FAFSA instructions are specific to U.S. students in the sport management program who seek a federal student loan.

Summer Start

The summer deadline will ensure that your summer aid eligibility is processed by the USF Financial Aid Office by the beginning of your summer semester.

Once notified of your loan eligibility for summer enrollment, you then file a FAFSA renewal as soon as possible so that your aid eligibility is extended for the entire next academic year. For financial aid questions, please contact the University of San Francisco's Office of Financial Aid.

FAFSA cycles

Starting in January 2018 (Spring cohort)

Start Date End Date Units Semester FAFSA Cycle
Jan 2018 April 2018 6 Spring 2018 2017-2018
May 2018 Aug 2018 6 Summer 2018 2017-2018
Sept 2018 Dec 2018 6 Fall 2018 2018-2019
Jan 2019 April 2019 9 Spring 2019 2018-2019
May 2019 June 2019 3 Summer 2019 2018-2019
Aug 2019 Dec 2019 6 Fall 2019 2019-2020

Starting in July 2018 (summer cohort)

Start Date End Date
Units Semester
July 2018 Aug 2018 3 Summer 2018 2017-2018
Sept 2018 Dec 2018 6 Fall 2018 2018-2019
Jan 2019 April 2019 6 Spring 2019 2018-2019
May 2019 Aug 2019 5 Summer 2019 2018-2019
Sept 2019 Dec 2019 10 Fall 2019 2019-2020
Jan 2020 May 2020 6 Spring 2020 2019-2020

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Orange County

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