Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Professional Communication is a 30-unit program that can be completed in two years. Students complete four core and six elective courses that are three units each. Full-time students enroll in courses each fall and spring semester. Courses are also available in the summer. The degree culminates in either a capstone or a directed study and culminating project, such as a reflective portfolio, internship-related project, analytical paper, or academic research project.


Strategic Communication

Strategic communicators work as planners, designers, and leaders to develop and disseminate messages both within and outside of organizations. Students enrolled in this concentration analyze how organizations interact internally and externally with the public, industry, and media. Students also gain practical communication skills that give them a competitive edge in the workplace.

Technical Communication

Technical communicators use communication skills to translate complex scientific, engineering, or technical information into content that users can understand and utilize. Students enrolled in this concentration learn how to communicate to the user while ensuring that the product or service has a competitive advantage. As technology grows in a variety of fields, the demand for such skilled, user-centered, and agile technical communicators has never been greater.

Health Communication

This concentration equips students with the theoretical and practical communication tools needed to effectively and ethically impact public and personal health literacy. By creating health awareness campaigns, improving patient relationships, working with regulations, and explaining health care policy, health communication professionals are critical to the facilitation of understanding health care issues as a basis for informing, influencing, and motivating diverse audiences about health and medical issues.

Contact Info

Professional Communication MA

Donna Uchida, Program Director

USF Downtown Campus, 101 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 422-6708