Graduates and current students in our program have taken internships and jobs at technology firms, including Google, Apple, Workday, and Lyft, companies such as Levi Strauss, Cytokinetics, and Kaiser Permanente, leading marketing, communications and public relations agencies, like Hatch, OutCast, and Weber Shandwick, and other organizations such as the United Nations and Bright Pink. Graduates of our program will be …

  • Communication designers, able to compose and design specialized information in multiple formats for diverse audiences using multiple technologies. They facilitate information between the experts (software designers, policymakers, etc.) and the public sphere, working within varied workforces, including distributive ones.
  • Technical communicators and strategic advocates, working to ensure the usability of products and services in all phases of the design process. They act as the voice of the user, advocating design features to ensure that the user's needs are met as well as working to ensure that the product or service has a strategic, competitive advantage in the market.
  • Ethical communicators within organizations, bringing a thorough understanding of ethical issues to the workplace, including organizational communication and industrial communication between organizations and their customers.
  • Advocates of their industry within the community, communicating with the media and community, strategically crafting succinct messages and longer arguments as spokespersons and leaders.
  • Prepared for further graduate work if they so choose. Given the program’s theoretical training and applied concepts, students will be prepared for doctoral work in communications.

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