Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors boast both a diverse and qualified group of individuals who are currently undertaking the Masters in Migration. They are here to share their experiences and advice for those interested in joining the program as well as answering any questions you may have about studying at the University of San Francisco. Contact a Migration Studies Ambassador to find out more!

Vanessa Cerdá, MA Migration Studies '20

Vanessa Cerdá ’20

“I was excited and thrilled to learn about the existence of a multidisciplinary program dedicated to humanizing migration through a human rights perspective.”

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Kenny Lee, MA Migration Studies '20

Kenny Lee ’20

“I had faith in the faculty to teach me about social justice and provide me with the tools to think critically and analytically about human migration.”

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Jonathan Deras, MA Migration Studies '20

Jonathan Deras ’20

“Migration is a concept that involves every race, gender, class, and nationality. Migration is universal… It was vital for me to become educated in this field and help amplify immigrant voices. ”

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