Test Center Closures and Bank Documents

The university wishes to express our support for you and your community during this time of great concern about the coronavirus outbreak. We want to do everything possible to help all applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate School who are affected by the outbreak and test center closures.

USF has approved the use of Duolingo's online English exam and the TOEFL-at-home test, in addition to the TOEFL, IELTS and PTE test center exams. Please review your program's minimum test score for Duolingo.

For programs requiring the GRE or GMAT, you may contact your Graduate Director (listed below) for further advice.

Bank Statements - It may be difficult to obtain bank documents for your proof of funding, but our graduate programs do accept bank documents (and online bank statements) up to 6 months old from the date of your admission.

Professor Naupaka Zimmerman
+1 415.422.4082

Professor Christina Tzagarakis-Foster
+1 415.422.6820

Professor Ryan West
+1 415.422.6157

Computer Science
Gian Bruno
+1 415.422.5247

Computer Science Bridge
Gian Bruno
+1 415.422.5247
Data Science
Kirsten Keihl
+1 415.422.2966

If you cannot reach a graduate program office, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at:
asgraduate@usfca.edu or +1 415.422.5101.