Seminar Series

Our weekly Seminar Series in Data Science has over 7,000 members and attracts speakers and attendees from top Bay Area companies.

Past Events

Introduction to Portfolio Analysis & Management
Alfonso Portillo: Portfolio Manager and Managing Director at Charles Schwab and Former VP, PIMCO

Loyalty Marketing – A Casino Gaming Perspective
Jonathan Lowenhar: Former Corporate Vice President of Loyalty Marketing, Co-founder and Former CEO, Harrah's, Trooval

Current Problems and Opportunities in IT for Big Data Experts
Xavier Quintuna: Big Data & Platform, France Telecom

Destruction, Disinvestment, and Death: Losses Following Environmental Disaster
Jesse Anttila-Hughes: Assistant Professor of Applied Econometrics, University of San Francisco's Department of Economics

Analytics in Politics: The Many Ways Numbers can Shape a Campaign
David Latterman: Principal of Fall Line Analytics, Political Analyst

Financial Crime Counter Measures With Maths
Graham Bailey: Senior Vice President, AML Detection and Data Wells Fargo Bank

The Analytics of Designing Software Products
Kevin Hale: Senior Product Manager, SurveyMonkey

Using Big Data analytics for Improving On-Line Games
Andreas Vogel: VP Global Business Incubator, SAP

Using Visualization to Understand What Makes City Streets Successful
Eric Fischer: Artist in Residence, Exploratorium

The Revolution of In-Memory and Realtime Analytics - Rationale and Case Study
Denis Descause: Global Business Development Lead, SAP

Does Statistics Still Have a Role in Big Data?
Norm Matloff: Professor of Computer Science, UC Davis

Dude, Where's My Alpha?
Steven Pav: Quantitative Strategist, Cerebellum Capital, LLC

Business Case for Machine Learning: Algorithms and Use Cases
Michael Bowles: Instructor, Hacker Dojo

YouTube and the Role of a Data Scientist
Sundar Dorai-Raj: Senior Quantitative Analyst, Google

Data Science at 2 Billion Hits Per Day
Mike Brzustowicz: Data Scientist, Kontagent

The Art of the Data Mash-Up
Jed Kolko: Chief Economist and Head of Trulia

Engaging Audiences with Data Visualization
Scott Murray: Assistant Professor of Design, University of San Francisco

Logistic Regression vs Naive Bayes: Hierarchical Approaches to Risk Prediction
Brian Lucena: Interim SVP of Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation

Platform Analytics at Twitter
Aaron Siegel: Managing a Platform Analytics Team, Twitter

The Data Side of Big Data: Crowdsourcing Content and Smart Systems
Shane Lewin: Managing a Data Science and Engineering Team, Netflix

Probability Paradoxes IRL
Alon Amit: Co-founder and VP of Product, Origami Logic

Unleashing Data in the Public Sector
Jonathan Reichental: Award-winning Chief Information Officer (CIO), City of Palo Alto

Social Selling: Conversation Mining
Michael Osofsky: Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, NetBase

Business Analytics at SaaS Company
Jill Zheng: Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst, SurveyMonkey

Data Science for Sustainability
Matthew Dixon: Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco

(Im)Practical Data analytics
Bradley Voytek: : Professor of Computational Cognitive Science and Neuroscience, Data Evangelist, UC San Diego, Uber Inc.

The Art of Social Data
Andreas Weigend: Founder, Social Data Lab

LogicBlox - Declarative Programming for the Cloud
T.J. Green: Computer Scientist, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, LogicBlox, University of California, Davis

Computational Analytics in Forensic Genetics
Jianye Ge: Senior Staff Algorithm Engineer, Life Technologies

Reporting Can Be Sexy,
Dan Voorhies: Director of Trulia

Data, Data, Everywhere...and Not a Byte for Me
Kord Davis: Digital strategist, author, speaker, and facilitator

Shape and Meaning: An Introduction to Topological Data Analysis
Anthony Bak: Senior Data Scientist and Mathematician, Ayasdi

Large Scale Integration of Disparate and Disconnected Data in Life Sciences
Sven Junkergard: Director of Technology, Zephyr Health Inc.

Challenges for Machine Learning in Computational Sustainability
Thomas G. Dietterich: Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Oregon State University

Convergence of Big Data, Analytics, and Marketing - Staying on the Bleeding Edge
Jarvis Mak: SVP Customer Success, Rocket Fuel

Teaching Computers to Think like Decision Makers
Mark Zangari: Co-founder and CEO , Quantellia

Advanced Analytics in Government - Current Uses and Trends
Denise Callahan: President and Principal Consultant, TAP International

Privacy in Statistical Databases
Kunal Talwar: Senior Researcher, Microsoft

Solving Social Impact Challenges with Data Science
Paul Duan: Chief Scientist, Bayes Impact

Parking Spot Real-time Prediction at Parknav
Eyal Amir: CEO, Parknav

YouTube Data Science with Application
Sudar Dorai-Raj: Senior Quantitative Analyst, Google

Designing a Predictive Churn Model for a Private Club
Thomas Maier: Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, University of San Francisco

Veritable - A Predictive Database
Fritz Obermeyer: Engine Development, Veritable,

Data Science Use Cases at StumbleUpon
Debora Donato: Senior Director, StumbleUpon

Label Partitioning for Sublinear Ranking
Hector Yee: Software Engineer, Airbnb

Do-not-track and the Economics of Third Party Advertising
Sharad Goel: Assistant Professor of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford

Empowering Rapid Data Science
Jake Quist: CEO, Zillabyte

Situating Data Science in the Process
Chris Diehl: Co-founder, The Data Guild