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Applications are currently welcome and reviewed for fall 2022 admission.

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Gian Bruno

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The application process is entirely online. Please complete and/or upload all of the items listed below to your application account. There is no need to mail items to our office.

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Can I take prerequisites from USF as a visiting student?

It is feasible for students already in the United States to take some of our undergraduate CS courses as a visiting student. However, many of these courses have prerequisites and our undergraduate majors have registration priority. We cannot guarantee space in those courses, or admission into our program.

Do you consider online courses, MOOCs, or certificates taken at places like Coursera, Udacity, or EdX?

We prefer to see transcripts for required background courses from state-level universities or community colleges, but additional elective courses taken freely online at places like Coursera, Udacity, or EdX will help strengthen your application.

Do you consider experience with web languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, or PHP?

Experience with web, script, and markup languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, or PHP will help strengthen your application. However, they do not count as high-level or object-oriented programming languages for the required background.

Do you have conditional admission?

We do not have conditional admission at this time. Whether or not you have a formal CS background, you need to be prepared to take and pass the same set of core courses as everyone else if admitted.

Do you allow transfers from other programs?

No, applicants interested in switching programs must follow the same application procedure as everyone else. However, we will consider the courses you have already taken at another program in your application.

Can I transfer credit for courses taken at other programs?

No, as a general rule we do not offer transfer credits for graduate courses. This is a university-wide policy.