Financing Your Education

MS Computer Science Specific Financial Aid
  • MSCS Scholarship for Diversity
    Approximate Award: $10,000 over 2 semesters Awarded to incoming MSCS applicants with outstanding applications, who are either women and/or belong to a minority group underrepresented in the field of Computer Science. Up to 2 awards are made every year.

  • MSCS Merit Scholarship
    Approximate Award: $10,000 over 2 semesters Awarded to incoming MSCS applicants with outstanding applications. Students from any background are considered, including both domestic and international students. Several awards are made every year.

  • MSCS Outstanding Scholar Award
    Approximate Award: $5,000 over 1 semester Awarded to current MSCS graduate students who demonstrate exceptional skills and leadership. Awards are deposited directly into students' accounts at the start of the semester. Awarded every Spring semester.

  • Assistantships
    There are a limited number of teacher assistant or research assistant positions offered by our department every semester. These on-campus positions usually require approximately 10 hours per week and pay an hourly wage. They do not provide tuition remission.

    Most professors prefer you take a course with them prior to hiring you for one of these positions. If you are interested in these positions, you can look for open positions posted to our student mailing list or contact professors directly.

    Scholarships require you maintain a 3.3 GPA or higher. If you meet the GPA requirements, the scholarship is deposited directly into your student account at the start of the semester. No application is required for these scholarships - we automatically consider all graduate students (domestic and international).


What is the cost of tuition?

See the Office of Graduate Programs Financial Aid & Tuition for more information.

What will be my living expenses?

Please see the Office of Graduate Programs Tuition & Fees page for more information.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

We automatically consider all applicants, including domestic and international applicants. There is not a separate application for scholarships.

Can I have a job to help pay for school?

Being a full-time student is like a full-time job. However, some students are able to work part-time during the academic year or full-time during the summer to gain experience and offset the costs of tuition. There are no restrictions for domestic students, but international students must check their visa restrictions first. See our Practicum page for more information.

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