Program Overview

The focus of USF’s Master of Science in Biology program is hands-on lab research with full-time faculty and the completion of a major lab research project. Students who have successfully completed the program are prepared to pursue further postgraduate work or to enter into a technical position in a related research or industrial laboratory.

Program Start – Students can start the program each year in fall or spring semesters.

Areas of Research

Unlike other programs, students are required to apply for a concentration and an opening in a specific faculty member’s laboratory. To qualify for admission to the biology program, you must be interested in pursuing research in one of the following areas:

Please contact the corresponding faculty member to discuss the program, his/her research, and your interest in attending USF.

Degree Requirements

The biology program is intended for students with an undergraduate degree in biology or its equivalent. If a graduate student is admitted and is lacking a proper foundation for biology graduate work, then some advanced undergraduate coursework will be required in the first year of studies. The program involves:

  • A written thesis based on independent research
  • Completion of 24 units of credit, of which 16 must be graduate-level coursework
  • A graduate seminar
  • Serving as a teaching assistant for a minimum of one semester

The typical course load is six units each semester and is planned in collaboration with a faculty adviser during the first semester of studies.

Contact Info

Biology MS

Naupaka Zimmerman, PhD Graduate Director

Harney Science Center 219C 2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 422-4082