Professional Development and Mentorship

Our program offers a variety of resources and opportunities to help students prepare to enter the workforce and gain valuable networking skills and connections, and to support their research.

MAPS Alumni Networking Forum

Periodically, as a MAPS student, you will participate in our MAPS Alumni Networking Forum. At this event, you meet and network with MAPS alumni who have secured jobs in a variety of fields. They can speak to you about how they were successful in their job searches and share any opportunities for internships or jobs at their respective organizations. These events usually occur every other year in the spring semester. We also invite such alumni to some of our courses to discuss their experiences and offer tips for academic and professional success.

Professional Development and Job Search Training

The Center for Asia Pacific Studies and USF Career Services Center offer workshops that focus on these topics: keys to writing effective cover letters and crafting strong resumes; ways to build a strong LinkedIn and online profile; and effective tips for job searches, interviews. From Career Services, MAPS students may request training and advice on pursuing a job in an international field, including resume design, mock interviews, and other job training skills.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a voluntary, non-credit option offered to students throughout their two years of study in the MAPS program. It presents students with a broad spectrum of possibilities as to how they might apply their degree to their chosen career field by connecting them with professionals in the field of their interest. The Career Mentor program is headed by Mr. George Alessandria, a MAPS alumni as well as a Vice President and Senior Portfolio and Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. At his job, he helps clients reach financial goals and creates portfolios with a global view.


Internships bridge the classroom and the professional world and enable students to experience in a professional context the cultural, economic, and political issues studied in the Master’s Program. An internship often provides direct opportunities for job placement and career enhancement. Internships may be arranged with an Asia Pacific-related business or with nonprofit and public sector organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area or abroad.

MAPS Student Travel Fund

This fund was created to foster your academic/professional development and research. Its primary purpose is to support your presentations at conferences related to Asia Pacific Studies. Each year we give a number of awards to deserving students. In addition to our MAPS Student Travel Fund, the College of Arts and Sciences Travel Fund offers additional funding.

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