MS in Analytics

Big data requires big skills.

USF’s one-year Master of Science in Analytics (MSAN) program trains students to scrape, process, organize, and analyze large data sets to identify patterns and trends. The MSAN program delivers rigorous training in the mathematical and computational techniques of big data.

100% of MSAN students are employed within three months of graduation at companies such as Google, Williams-Sonoma, General Electric Software, Capital One Labs, and Uber.

Offered In

Downtown San Francisco

A Technically Challenging Curriculum

The program's challenging curriculum features seven-week courses that were designed specifically for MSAN students — they aren't offered in other programs or departments. Over the course of a year, students master subjects from computer science, statistics, and management, such as regression, web scraping, database management, text mining, business communications, machine learning, cluster analysis, strategy, and interviewing skills. Students primarily use programming languages like R and Python in their classes.

Program Details

Practicum Program

Practicum projects allow students to work an average of 10-15 hours per week for nine months tackling data science problems at companies around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, including Uber, SurveyMonkey, Turbo Financial Group, Zephyr Health, and the Houston Astros. Groups of two-to-four students - supervised by an MSAN professor - work on a data-driven business problem and produce a defined set of deliverables.

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Conor O’Sullivan, Alumni 2014 - Data Analyst at Jawbone

"A mandatory part of USF’s groundbreaking MS in Analytics program is the opportunity for students to rub elbows with some of the most renowned data scientists through the numerous Practicum opportunities and guest lectures. The Practicums allow students to learn cutting-edge techniques while boosting resumes and greatly improving their job market outlook. USF pairs students with companies that are of the highest caliber in technology and impact in their respective fields."

The San Francisco Advantage

San Francisco is at the center of the revolution in data science, with hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies up the street from our downtown campus and down the peninsula. It’s a collaborative and competitive environment that provides our students with distinctive professional and personal opportunities.

Rachel Smith, Alumni 2014 - Data Analyst at

"This program at USF offers something few schools can: San Francisco. The proximity to tech giants and the entrepreneurial vibe of San Francisco are important assets to any aspiring data scientist. Students get the unique opportunity to blend into the city’s analytics scene through the Practicum program, which connects students to some of the Bay Area’s most successful companies."