Emeritus Faculty

Jean Audigier

Professor Emeritus
(415) 422-6800

Jean Y. Audigier received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. His areas of interest include the relationship between the visual arts...


PhD, University of California Berkeley

Claire Castro

Research Professor
(415) 422-6069

After receiving her bachelor's in botany from UC Berkeley in 1982, Claire Castro loafed around the East Bay working in used book and record stores...


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles


Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry Lab I, Medicinal Chemistry

Paul Chien

Professor Emeritus
(415) 422-6345

Paul K. Chien is Professor of Biology. He received his BS in both Biology and Chemistry from Chung Chi College, N.T., Hong Kong, and his PhD from the...

Raymond Dennehy

Professor Emeritus
(415) 422-6456

Raymond Dennehy was born in San Francisco in 1934. While serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the heavy cruiser, USS Rochester (CA 124) as a radarman,...


BA (Philosophy), University of San Francisco, 1962 | MA (Philosophy), University of California, Berkeley, 1964 | PhD (Philosophy), University of Toronto, 1973

Susan Heidenreich

Professor Emerita
(415) 422-2175

Susan Heidenreich, PhD, is an experimental psychologist, who earned her degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is the Faculty...


PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Psychological Statistics

Patricia Hill

Professor Emerita
(415) 422-6837

Patricia Liggins Hill earned her PhD in English from Stanford. She is the general editor of the groundbreaking anthology, Call & Response: The...


PhD, Stanford University


African American Literature

Geraldine Lauro

Professor Emerita
(415) 422-6508

Geraldine Lauro, EdD, University of San Francisco (1992) is an emeritus professor in the Kinesiology Department who began teaching in the department...


Motor Skill & Perf Analysis

Gerardo Marín

Professor, Associate Provost

Gerardo Marin, PhD, is a Professor of Latin American Studies and Psychology, is Associate Provost at the University of San Francisco, and is an APA...

Charles N'Cho-Oguie

Adjunct Professor

He is a leading expert in macroeconomic modelling and capacity building for macroeconomic management, strategic planning and budgeting in developing countries.


PhD, Applied Economics, Stanford University | MS, Operational Research, Stanford University | MS, Statistics, Data Analysis and Statistical Computing, Stanford University | DEA, Economics, University of Paris IX (Dauphine)


Development Macroeconomics, Development Macroeconomics

Martha Schaffer

Professor Emerita
(415) 422-6720

Associate Professor, received her PhD in Romance Philology from the University of California at Berkeley. Her current research centers on medieval...

Aaron Shurin

(415) 422-6066

The author of eleven books of poetry and prose, Aaron Shurin is a recipient of California Arts Council Literary Fellowships in poetry (1989, 2002),...


MA in Poetics, New College of California