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USF Alumni Travel provides an exclusive opportunity for alumni and friends to see the world with those who share a spirit of exploration and adventure. Featured trips are tailored to each group and offer a strong educational component coupled with five star worry-free travel, allowing you to foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and people. USF faculty, lecturers from other institutions and local experts lead programs and share their knowledge to further enrich your experience.

Our Travel Partner: AHI

USF has partnered with AHI travel to provide you with an exceptional travel experience. Established in 1962, the family-owned company has become an international industry leader in alumni group travel. AHI’s dedicated team plans, coordinates, and manages all aspects of your vacation taking the time to inquire about your personal needs before you depart and actively attends to them during your trip. USF is proud to partner with AHI to create an experience that is rich, educational, and unforgettable.

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