alumni mentor at usf

Alumni Mentor Program

The University of San Francisco Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) brings together alumni with students and recent graduates for mutually beneficial career advancement and community building.

The program inspires excellence by providing alumni an important way to stay connected and by giving students new opportunities to build their networks.

Alumni Share Their Knowledge with Students

  • Establishing and working towards accomplishing career goals
  • Exploring different career paths, companies, and industries
  • Broadening and leveraging professional networks

The program is designed with busy professionals and students in mind. The program runs in the fall for graduate students and in the spring for undergraduates. Students and alumni are asked to connect once a month, either in person or online.

Be Part of the Alumni Mentor Program

AMP is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors, select graduate school programs, and all alumni. Students can sign up during the school year to be part of the Alumni Mentor Program.

There are exclusive opportunities for networking with fellow mentors and mentees in the AMP program. Activities include a kickoff dinner, closing luncheon, discounts to alumni events, and small group sessions. Find out more in the Alumni Mentor Program Handbook

 Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Job Shadowing: Host a student for a half-day or full day.
  • Career Webinars: Share your career wisdom and professional tips.
  • Host a Small Group Session.


How the Alumni Mentor Program Works

Please see the Handbook for more details and guidance.

What is the time commitment?

AMP is a three-month commitment running from October to December for graduate students and from February to May for undergraduate students.

I want to be successful as a mentor/mentee. Do you have any tips or best practices?

Of course! Here’s what we suggest to ensure a beneficial and successful experience: 

  • Attend the Kickoff Dinner together if you’re local.
  • Set up an initial meeting to determine expectations, availability, and methods of communication.
  • Maintain regular contact with your mentor or mentee (at least once a month).
  • Mentors, be responsive and open to your mentee when they reach out for help or advice.
  • Mentees, be proactive in reaching out to your mentor and respect their time

What if I don't live in the Bay Area?

Everyone is welcome to join the program regardless of their location. Mentors who live outside the Bay Area must be able to do distance mentoring (email, phone, video chat).

What are the eligibility requirements for being a mentor?

To be considered as a mentor, alumni must be one year removed from college, fully employed, and must provide a professional reference.

What are the eligibility requirements of being a student mentee?

To be considered as a mentee, you must be a junior or senior (for the spring undergraduate cycle), or a graduate student (fall cycle), and you must read and return a signed letter of commitment.


How will I be matched?

After a mentor is approved for the program, their profile and preferences will be added to the directory. From there, mentees will select their preferred mentor, and the Alumni Engagement office will review and approve the match. Both mentor and mentee will be introduced via email and are invited to attend the Kickoff Dinner.


Are mentors expected to provide a job or internship for student mentees?

No. We appreciate your interest in staying connected with USF and being part of this mentoring effort. While mentors may provide their mentees with advice about how to achieve their professional objectives, mentors are not expected to find employment opportunities for mentees.

What are some general expectations and norms for students?

  • Students are expected to keep all commitments made to their mentors, including times scheduled for meetings and phone calls. Students realize that their mentors are busy professionals and any requests to change scheduled meeting times should occur with 24-48 hour’s notice.
  • Students should be prepared to cover their costs when meeting with mentors, such as for refreshments, meals, and transportation.

How can I get involved?

The Alumni Mentor Program is open to graduate students in the fall and undergraduate students in the spring.

If I mentored a student last cycle, do I need to apply again?

If you have volunteered as a mentor in the last three years, you will be redirected to a shortened registration form.

What kind of support may I expect from the University?

All participants will be invited to a Kickoff Dinner to launch the mentor program. If you are not local or cannot make the dinner, we will send you a recording of the dinner and resources to help you get started. From there, you can expect monthly communications the Alumni Engagement office with reminders and ideas for match get-togethers.

What happens once the semester time commitment is complete?

Matches are welcome to continue to stay in touch if they choose!