Time to Degree Estimate FAQ

For transfer students, one of the biggest questions you may have is how long it will take to complete your USF degree (also known as your estimated "time to degree"). To facilitate the estimation process, we're inviting transfer students to participate in advising throughout the spring so we can give you the most accurate information as soon as possible. You will receive information on this process within one week of your admission.

Please review the following information to learn how to get your estimated time to degree.

Which majors are eligible?

All majors within the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible.

Why isn’t my major included? How can I get an estimate to graduation?

We will continue to expand this opportunity as faculty become available to assist in this process. If your major is not included, please use our Estimator Tool to get a sense of your time to graduation. Please note that this tool is only a rough estimate using historical data. While it can provide some context, it may not accurately reflect your personal time to degree.

What happens next?

Step 1

Opt in to the time to degree estimate process

Within two weeks, you must opt in to the time to degree estimate process via the link in your email (it takes only a minute). Once you opt in, we’ll send your transcripts to a faculty representative in your major, who will review your transcripts and determine what additional syllabi are required for review.

Deadline: You must opt-in to the process within two weeks of receiving the email notification.

Step 2

Upload requested syllabi within three weeks of notification

Within 10 business days, you will receive instructions on uploading additional syllabi for review. After uploading the additional syllabi, faculty in your major will review the syllabi to see how those classes may transfer to your desired USF degree. After reviewing the syllabi you provide, you will hear back from us with a revised estimate on your time to degree (in semesters).

Deadline: You must upload your syllabi within three weeks of getting the email instructions.

What is a syllabus?

A syllabus is the document you received from the instructor for a class. This document typically outlines the course objectives, reading lists, assignments, and policies. A description of the course from the catalog does not satisfy the syllabus request requirement. 

Why do I have to submit syllabi?

In order to estimate your time to degree, USF faculty members need to have an understanding of the courses you are transferring into your major and what courses you still need to complete. The syllabi allow faculty to review specific classes and determine how they may be substituted for classes within your major.

What if I miss the deadlines?

Due to the number of transfer students we will be advising, we are typically unable to extend deadlines for opting in for degree estimate or for submitting syllabi. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Jonathan Rice, Associate Director of Admission for Transfer Initiatives (jfrice@usfca.edu).

Is the time to degree estimate a guarantee?

Although we will try our best to provide a good faith estimate based on the information you provide, we cannot guarantee your graduation date. The time to degree estimate may vary from your actual graduation date based on course sequencing in your program, satisfactory academic progress, and/or your enrollment in consecutive semesters (e.g. fall to spring or spring to fall) as well as co-curricular programs such as study abroad.