International Transfers

As an international student seeking to transfer to USF, you must take a few additional steps to complete your application.  

Once you’ve begun the application process , notify your international student advisor at your current school that you plan to transfer to USF. Your advisor will release your SEVIS I-20 record to USF so we can make a new I-20 form for you. Your SEVIS number (found in the upper right hand corner of your I-20) must remain the same. If you receive an I-20 from USF with a different number, then be sure to contact the USF Admission Office to make sure that we received your SEVIS record from your previous school.

You will also need to submit a Certification of Finances  form with your application that shows evidence that you can pay for tuition, health insurance, housing, fees, and personal expenses while you study at USF. This form must be completed by you and any other person who will be contributing to your financial needs. The funds shown on the certificate of finance must also be confirmed by your bank. 

If you are in the United States and do not plan to travel internationally before attending USF, then you do not need to worry about getting a new visa – even if your current F-1 visa is expired.

If you do plan to travel outside the United States before attending USF, and if you have a valid F-1 visa in your passport, then you do not need to get a new visa. If you plan to travel outside the United States and your F-1 visa has expired, you will have to apply for a new visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate outside the United States.  Please note that the rules about having to get a new visa if you attend a new school may change in the near future. Be sure to check with USF’s International Student and Scholar Services  and/or your local U.S. Embassy/Consulate for the latest policies.

If you have a spouse/dependent on a F-2 visa, you will need to show financial documentation that verifies you have enough funds to support your spouse/dependent. USF will issue an I-20 form for your dependent at the same time your I-20 is issued.

International Student Orientation
Even if you have already been in the United States for a while, you must attend our international student orientation.  Most of the information you will learn will be new and very helpful to you.

Please check out our International Student Resources  for more information on the support programs and services available to international students.   And feel free to contact our office  with any questions.