USF has developed select courses, designed by our faculty and our Instructional Design team, taught mostly asynchronously, so you can learn at times that match your summer schedule. Offered in addition to courses taught remotely this summer, these specially designed courses will fulfill core curriculum requirements. You can catch up, get ahead, or stay on track at your own pace, while you complete your internship or keep your summer job. Like our other summer courses, they are offered at two-thirds of Fall and Spring semester tuition rates.

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Selected Summer 2021 Core Courses:

BAIS 100 - Introduction to International Studies

Fulfills Core E Social Science Requirement. The course addresses broad international issues that affect many aspects of our everyday lives. Issues of cooperation and conflict among states, globalization, economic development, human rights protections, and environmental degradation all encompass global concerns that directly impact individuals at the local level. (Taught by: John Zarobell, Session 2)

USF Students

BUS 304 - Management and Organizational Dynamics

Business majors and minors: Have you completed your Core A2 writing course and taken at least 32 credits? You're eligible to take BUS 304, one of the Business core courses. Management majors: BUS 304 is the gateway for all Management required and elective courses. Topics include: The theory and practice of management and organizational dynamics, and meeting the challenges of a changing workplace. The managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. Personal and group behavior in organizations. Themes are: diversity in the workplace, globalization, ethics and social responsiveness, changing technology, and management of challenges. (Taught by: Courtney Masterson and Thomas Maier, Session 2)

Great works

ENGL 202 - Great Works: Romance, Revolution, and Exile

Fulfills Core C1 Literature Requirement. This course explores the ideas and experiences of romance and exile through the literary works of several major authors who lived during the Age of Revolution (c.1776-1848). In addition to investigating the lives of celebrity exiles such as Francisco de Miranda, Madame de Staël, and Lord Byron, we will examine works by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Mary Shelley, including Frankenstein and The Last Man. (Taught by: Omar Miranda, Session 2)

MATH 106 - Business Statistics

Fulfills Core B1 Math Requirement. Applied mathematics and statistics taught through the medium of spreadsheets (Excel). Topics include Introduction to Excel; basic algebra for spreadsheet modeling; descriptive statistics; elementary probability theory. (Taught by: Jennifer Chubb, Session 3)

Music Social

MUS 203 - Music & Social Protest

Fulfills Core F Visual and Performing Arts Requirement. This course investigates how music intersects with political and social change around the world, such as Freedom Songs in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, Nueva Canción in pro-democracy movements in South America, and Struggle Music during apartheid in South Africa. (Taught by: Byron Au Yong, Session 3)


PHIL 220 - Asian Philosophy

Fulfills Core D1 Philosophy Requirement. With emphasis on the study of South and East Asian traditions, we explore topics including the nature of existence, the relation of the individual to society, the goal of self-cultivation, and what it means to pursue wisdom. You will investigate the origins of Hindu philosophies in India, the philosophical traditions of China, and the roots of Buddhist philosophy. (Taught by: Geoff Ashton, Session 2)


PHIL 240 - Ethics

Fulfills Core D3 Ethics Requirement. This class will introduce students to moral philosophy through the investigation of major ethical theories that seek to explain what makes an action morally right or morally wrong. We will also consider whether there are any objective moral truths, and explore a variety of contemporary moral issues. (Taught by: Nick Leonard, Session 3)

POLS 100 - Introduction to Politics: Ideas & Institutions

Fulfills Core E Social Science Requirement. This course analyzes global trends in democratic backsliding and challenges to human freedom by providing a comprehensive introduction to the practice of politics. We discuss competing ideas and ideologies of human freedom; the role of government institutions in promoting belonging or exacerbating divisions; and how the world is organized globally. (Taught by: Elisabeth Friedman and Jeff Paller, Session 3)

SOC 150 - Introduction to Sociology

Fulfills Core E Social Science Requirement. This course introduces students to the basic concepts, theories, and methods in sociology. It surveys issues such as culture, socialization, family, social inequality, race and ethnicity, sexism, deviance, and social change. (Taught by: Stephanie Sears, Session 2)

THRS 202 - Portraits of Christ

Fulfills Core D2 Theology and Religious Studies Requirement. As a basic introduction to the literature of the New Testament this course surveys the history of the early church in order to understand events and experiences that gave rise to these sacred texts, and uses modern critical methods for the exegetical analysis of biblical literature. (Taught by: Vincent Pizzuto, Session 2; and by Andrei Antokhin, Session 3)