Gaokao Admission Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gaokao Direct Admission?

Starting from 2015, USF has been offering a special, accelerated admission procedure for Chinese students who have achieved excellent Gaokao scores.  Applicants will be admitted to USF based on their Gaokao test scores, school record and a one-on-one interview with University faculty, designed to evaluate English proficiency. There are no other admission requirements.

Normally our interview happens in early July, immediately after Gaokao scores are released, so that it enables students to begin their education in America immediately in that fall––without spending an extra year preparing for IELTS, TOEFL or SAT tests. However, this year due to the fact that Gaokao exams are deferred to early July, we have to move our interview time to early/middle August accordingly, and we also decided to move the starting semester to spring 2021, thus students can have enough time to obtain their F-1 visa and get ready for studying in the States in Jan. 2021.

Why is USF doing this?

For many decades, USF and the City of San Francisco have welcomed students from China. Our Chinese alumni have done very well in life after USF, both professionally and personally. Current Chinese students enrich the educational experience of international and domestic students, alike; all benefit from the international network of friends made and colleagues introduced here at USF.

Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in the academic ability and achievements of Chinese applicants to USF. We are happy to report that our current Chinese students are succeeding academically side-by-side with our domestic students.

In honor of the many contributions made by Chinese students to the USF and Bay Area communities, we wish to provide students earning good results in Gaokao examination with the opportunity to begin studying in the US as early as the fall semester of the same year  (spring 2021 for this year due to COVID-19).  If you are accepted into this special program, you would not have to spend an extra year in China preparing for the TOEFL/ IELTS and SAT/ACT Tests, or submitting applications and anticipating college admission decisions—or simply waiting to begin university study in the States.

What Gaokao score do I need to be eligible for admission to the program?

The selection scores will vary from province to province, just as they do for students applying to Chinese universities. Our cut-off scores will be at approximately the Tier 1 level, and scores below Tier 1 but above Tier 2 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We try to ensure students from across China have an equal chance to be admitted, rather than favoring those from certain provinces or cities.

How do I tell you that I am interested in the program?

Please fill in an inquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

Do I have to wait for my Gaokao results to submit the application?

No. You may apply right now or after you receive your Gaokao results.  

What steps should I take to apply?

  • Inform us of your interest as described above.
  • Submit an application form and supporting documents (see below).
  • Report your complete Gaokao results to us.
  • Participate in an in-person interview via Zoom.
  • Prepare to apply for a visa to study in the United States.

What application documents must I submit?

Four sets of documents are required to complete your application package:

  • Common Application Form
  • Official High School Transcript. English translation needed.
  • Certification of Finances and Supporting Documents. Your Certification of Finances Form and supporting bank verification provide evidence that you have sufficient financial resources available to attend USF. We must receive such proof before your USF I-20 (Certification of Visa Eligibility) can be issued. Your I-20 must be issued before you can apply for your F-1 student visa.
  • Passport Data Page. Your name must appear on your I-20 exactly as it appears on your passport. You must therefore submit a copy of your passport data page (face/photo page) before your immigration documents can be issued.

What should I do after I receive my Gaokao results?

You will need to send us a copy of your Gaokao results immediately after they are released.  (We will independently verify all scores.)

What happens next after you review my Gaokao results?

We will carefully consider your Gaokao results, and let you know within three days of their receipt whether you qualify to be invited for an interview. If so, we will arrange your written test and interview appointment time. All interviews will be conducted online via Zoom.

Who will conduct the interviews, and how can I prepare for mine?

USF professors with expertise in assessing English proficiency will conduct the interviews. It is very important that your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are strong enough to ensure your success in college-level courses taught in English.

The best way to prepare for the interview is simply to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to use your English skills.   Read English, listen to English, and speak English as often as you can.  Read a book in English while listening to the audio book version.  E-mail English-speaking friends. Watch movies or television programs in English with the captions or subtitles turned on.

What score do I need in the interview to pass?

The interview will not be graded in the usual sense. There are three possible outcomes:

  • You can be admitted to USF without additional English preparation.
  • You can be admitted to USF, but will have to take a few additional English classes as part of your degree program requirements. Those English courses will carry credits and will be counted towards graduation. In the meantime, you can also select degree courses if your credits permit.
  • We can decide that you are not immediately admissible to USF, and need additional English preparation. We will then encourage you to study on your own, or to find a program in China that focuses on really improving your English, rather than one that specializes in TOEFL or IELTS test preparation.

When will I learn your decision about my application?

We will let you know whether you have been accepted into the program within three days of your interview.

How much does it cost to apply and be interviewed?

The entire process will be free of charge except that you will need to pay 70-dollar application fee when you submit your Common Application.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

All students we interview will automatically be considered for merit scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 per year.  Only the very best applicants, based on their Gaokao scores and performance during the interview, will be awarded scholarships.

How do I reach you if I have more questions?

We have staff members in Beijing who can be easily reached by email, phone or WeChat:

Amy Zhu
Cell: 13691495371
WeChat: 13691495371

Eileen Chen
Cell: 13810732441
WeChat: qingyinwb

旧金山大学(USF)高考直接录取 常见问题答疑



通常我们的面试安排在七月初,也就是高考成绩公布之后,这样学生可以在当年秋季即可入读旧金山大学——而无需再花费一整年的时间准备托福/雅思、 SAT/ACT 考试、提交申请材料。然而今年由于高考推迟至七月初举办,我们不得不将面试也相应推迟至8月初或中旬,同时高考生的入学时间推迟至2021年春季学期,这样学生可以有足够的时间取得F-1签证,为2021年1月份的入学做好准备。












  1. 按上述方式报名;
  2. 提交申请表格及辅助材料(具体见下个问题答案);
  3. 提交完整的高考成绩;
  4. 参加一对一的英文Zoom视频面试;
  5. 准备申请留学签证。



  1. 提交Common Application Form
  2. 官方高中成绩单(需有英文翻译)
  3. 财力证明(Certification of Finances Form)及存款证明。财力证明表格及相关银行证明可以证明你具备在USF学习的足够财力。我们必须在给你签发I-20表格(办理签证所需证明)前收到该项材料。I-20表格签发后,才可申请办理学生签证(F-1签证)。
  4. 护照首页。由于你的I-20表格和护照上的名字必须保持一致,因此你需要在I-20表格签发前向我们提供你的护照首页(有名字、照片的那页)。










  1. 录取,无需额外语言学习。
  2. 录取,学习大学课程的同时学习指定的语言课程。我们将告诉你要学哪些英语课程,你在上学位课程的同时学习这些英语课,因此你并不会因为语言学习而浪费时间。所有英语课都算学分,可计入毕业所需的学分中。
  3. 不能立即录取你,你可能需要加强一下英语。我们会鼓励你自学或者参加能切实提高你语言能力(而非专注于提高托福或雅思分数)的培训班学习。




申请和面试环节,除了提交Common Application需缴纳70美元的申请费用外,旧金山大学不收取任何其他费用。





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手机: 13691495371
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手机: 13810732441
微信: qingyinwb

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